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Founded in the information security capital of the world.

Founded in Las Vegas, NV by the Best Selling Author of UnderAttack and You are Target #1. We Set The Standard For Cyber Security, IT Compliance, Storage Area Network (SAN), VMware ESX, ITIL, and Servers.

Congrats to our CEO!

vCSO's CEO was chosen to speak about technology on Tech Day with Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank!
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Lower & Fixed Costs

We bring economy of scale to the world of CSIO to save your company time and money.

24/7 Coverage

An in-house team needs time off. Security threats don't have a clock out time, and neither do we.

Get access to Top vCSO

We know the security challenges that small and medium business face.

Broader Experience

We have different people and approaches for different verticals, security challenges, and more.

Implementation of The Newest Technology

We pilot the newest technology, including AI, to provide the most advance security available.

Get Access To The Top vCSO in the United States

The highest caliber of talent available. We are educated on best practices of the past and are pioneers of the future for CISO.

Risk Management

Get Risk Assesment and education to develop a mature plan

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance mandates from FTC Safeguards, NVGCB, PCI DSS, CIS, ISO 27000, NIST

Cybersecurity Landscape

Keep leadership informed of the changes, including the evolution of cyber tools and cyber-criminal activity

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Nevada Gaming Control Board adds 5.260 Cybersecurity

Ransomware is a type of malware from cryptovirology that threatens to publish personal data and/or permanently block access to it. Here are ways to avoid it.

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2023 Cyber Security Trends

2022 was a landmark year for cybercrime, from major nation-state attacks to the ever-evolving wave of new threats facing businesses and private users. Are you prepared to stay secure in 2023?

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Should You Outsource a Chief Information Security Officer?

Outsourcing a company to take over your information security can be cost-effective, less hassle, and more secure than the alternative - hiring a full-time CISO.

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