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Challenges Hiring a CSO

In house CSO's are in high demand across the United States, being one of the industries highest salary increases year over year.

That said here is a bird's eye view on the CSO trend. The first major challenge is justifying the cost.

  • 2022 Median Salary is $230,801
  • Experienced CSO: $299,115

The secondary challenge is timing. CSO's take time to hire and the cost associated with that time is mitigated if your CSO has a long tenure.

  • Average Tenure: 18-26 months
  • Average Time To Hire: 6-7 months

Benefits of vCSO

We aren't saying that CSO's are overpaid by any means, but a vCSO service set a standard for our clients data and we are able to scale that model making it more affordable for small and medium business. Our vCSO services include everything a seasoned CSO would provide such as:

  • Threat Modeling - We know the models that hackers and other threats use to get into a system. This gives us an opportunity to check for structural vulnerabilities before they can.
  • Risk Management - We prioritize threats and put safeguards in place accordingly
  • System Patching - We fix any vulnerability within our software(s) that could potentially be susceptible to cyber-attacks.
  • Regulatory Compliance - We monitor, adjust, and adhere to all standards and regulatory requirements set forth by local and federal laws and authorities
  • Security Architecture - We set a standard operating procedure on how the company can transfer data around potential risks in specific scenarios.
  • Penetration Testing - We attempt to break into our own system. If we are able to do it we adjust and run the test again.
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