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Penetration Tests

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Can You Handle a Cyber Attack?

Can you system win the fight?

If you are unable to win a fight with a hacker it comes with a huge loss...

Loss of funds, data, vendors and customers once you have to tell them that because of you, a cybercriminal(s) may have banking information, social security numbers, or medical records.

Then comes the astronomical pricing of emergency IT services, potential lawuits, and even govement sanctions.

Solution. Test it before they do.

vCSO's penetration test is the most thorough penetration test available and it provides actionable insight with a prioritized plan. Our penetration test will demonstrate how a real life hacker would get into the network, what they would do, and what they could leave with.

How vCSO Penetration Tests Work

Here is an example

Step 1: You click on an link in a test email

Step 2: Go about your normal routine as it runs.

Step 3: We then show you what a hacker would find on your network.

These findings include:

Your Network’s Defense: This includes firewall, intrusion prevention and intrusion detection. We test whether your firewalls are configured correctly and effectively working.

Identify Data Leaks: Locate sensitive data on your network and make sure it’s secured.

Measure Malware Defenses: Determine if you have an appropriate malware defense that will respond to an attack.

Identity & Access Management: Learn if your team is using unsecure passwords. We’ll help you with more secure and multi-factor authentication passwords.

Cybersecurity Decision Making: Gauge where your cybersecurity is today, where you need it to be, and how we will get there.

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