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About vCSO

Our experienced Chief Secuirty Officers will assess your existing security, consult on the findings, and provide a detailed action plan in which we help you see it through. vCSO commits to delivering scalable IT security that serve you well now and respond seamlessly to your business’ growth. We proactively monitor potential threats, our corporate compliance, and the company’s overall cyber health and safety. Our experienced team provides the country's best vCSO services and keeps your companies data safe and secure.

The Cost of NOT Having Cyber Security.

Cybercrime is a rapidly growing criminal industry. The best in the business and moved on from individuals and are impacting organizations (and hitting many individuals at once). Cybercrime damages will cost the world over 10 trillion dollars annually by 2025

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Audits &

We will detect vulnerabilities and threats, displaying weak areas of your IT infrastructure, and identify and resolve high-risk practices.

Consulting &

We will strategy a plan that mitigates hacking, theft, and damage by using the industry's most advanced software and hardwares available.

Implementation &

We asses our current position and identifying our desired future position we work diligently towards it utilizing hard deadlines and benchmarks.

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  • Which verticals need a vCSO service?

    All SMB's can use a vCSO service, but vCSO is most beneficial to industry's that have more regulatory compliance requirements. This includes but is not limited to GLBA, FICA, or HIPPA. If your company does not have a dedicated executive-level IT security position we also highly recommend a vCSO is necessary.

  • What makes a good vCSO company?

    You need a company or person that works well with people as well as they work with IT. Other executives will work together to identify priorities of security needs. Your vCSO should also have a deep understanding of corporate requirements in regards to security and regulatory compliance.

  • Why Outsource the CSO poisition?

    Hiring a CSO into your organization costs at least $150,000 per year. Most SMB's do not require a full-time CSO and cannot justify this in-house cost.

  • How do I know the vCSO is accredited?

    A good vCSO will have an extensive background in IT and should have some certificates to prove it. This could include, but is not limited to ISC2, CISSP, and CISM

  • What does vCSO program provide?

    We provide audits and testing to know where are strong and weak points are. We consult and strategize with the executive team to determine an action plan with clearly defined deadlines and benchmarks. We then repeat the process of auditing and testing building a security system that is impenetrable.

  • Do you have questions?

    We encourage you to reach out to a vCSO expert at (725) 999-9276

A Quote From Our CEO.
From Small Business Tech Day With Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary

“It's time to think about outsourcing your vCSO when your spending nearly 300k a year for a position that lasts 18-24 months”

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