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Challenges in Cyber Hygiene

Cyber hygiene - a reference to the practices and steps that users of computers and other devices take to maintain system health and improve online security.

The ultimate goal is to mitigate the risk of cybersecurity breaches and infections by daily "hygiene".

Here are some examples

Whaling: This is when a hacker targets you, as an executive, specifically. You are typically easy to identify and hackers know you have more access than most of the company.. Hackers follow and track your digital habits to gain access to your email, programs, and computers.

Saved Personal Information: Many professionals cross work over to personal computers. For example, a recent study shows that 44% of people had personal banking information cached on their business computer.

Passwords: The easier your password, the more likely it is to be breached. Also know that when you use the same password for many programs a hacker will see it as a homerun.

Patches and updates: Making sure your company has protected computers that are regularly updated, especially for those in the company that travel. Hackers will target those traveling on unsecured networks.

Benefits of Cyber Hygiene

By being proactive in regards to your company's cyber hygiene you can mitigate the risk of

  • Computer crashes and loss of data
  • Unsecure applications
  • Easily exposed passwords
  • Connecting to sites/networks unknowingly
  • Credit cards and social security numbers getting breached
  • Other sensitive data being breached
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