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Why Do Companies Need Tabletop Exercises?

Tabletop Exercises offer numerous benefits. They raise awareness of the importance of cyber security, it tests the facilities decision making capabilities as a whole, and improves the organizations ability to safely transfer data, identify common threats, and be able to mitigate the dangers of the IT world. The three primary goals of Table Top Exercises are

  • Demonstrate the importance of cyber security- We help the executive team demonstrate the impact of a cybersecurity attack to the entire organization with retention as a focal point.
  • Develop decision making abilities in regards to cyber security - These exercises will empower your organization to make sound decisions in regards to cyber security, transferring data, and mitigating risks.
  • Developing a better understanding of cyber security - This includes what information is available during specific operations and how that information could be used.

vCSO's Tabletop Services

What Makes Our Tabletop's Different?

  • Specifically Designed For Your Organization - We work with the organization to identify past, present, and possible future threats in order to create the TTX
  • Reality Based Scenarios - By using real data to formulate exercises we can guarantee a reality based scenario, not a "textbook one"
  • A two phase approach - We work with both the executive staff and the technical staff to develop the most robust action plan based on the tabletop exercise.

What To Expect After The Exercise

  • Executive Reports - We will provide an assessment of strengths and weaknesses and an action plan based on the Tabletop Exercise
  • Education & Takeaways - We provide education material for the entire organization as well as prioritized lists of scenarios to be alert for.
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